GAONNURI Featured in Commercial Observer

GAONNURI Featured in Commercial Observer  The Romantic yet Authentic Korean BBQ Restaurant with Sky Lounge View of Manhattan and Empire State Building from 39th floor in NYC

“Once an otherwise abandoned mechanical room under the ownership of SL Green, the 39th floor space in a building near the edge of Manhattan’s Koreatown was widely coveted by not only Mr. Sung, but also other restaurateurs who saw the space as ideal for an eatery with a view. When Jamestown Properties acquired the building in a venture with Murray Hill Properties, Mr. Sung reiterated his case for  leasing the room, although as chief operating officer Michael Phillips insists, he didn’t have to work hard to convince anyone.

“We believe that creating the best sense of place and community is what drives tenant retention,” said Mr. Phillips. “There isn’t one size that fits all, and I think  being able to make the most of the assets that you have is what makes for good real estate.”
After the jump, Mr. Phillips reviews the floor plans for 1250Broadway’s 39th floor with The Commercial Observer and explained what drew Gaonnuri to the building.”


The Authentic Korean Restaurant on the Top Floor