GAONNURI Authentic Korean Restaurant Featured in Serious Eats

GAONNURI was featured in Serious Eats!

“Gaonnuri, a new high-end Korean restaurant in Manhattan’s Koreatown, seeks to answer several questions that I’ve heard again and again in many shapes and forms. “Where can one dine with a grand city view”; “how about a good joint for Korean barbecue in Manhattan”; and “what’s a decent place for a large gathering of friends or co-workers?” Its lofty perch on the 39th floor of 1250 Broadway provides a stunning view of the city, and the expansive dining room seats 250 diners with areas that can be sectioned off for private parties. And they do Korean barbecue, complete with down draft vacuums to evacuate smoke before it permeates the customers.”

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The Authentic Korean Restaurant on the Top Floor