“A stunning New View in Town at Upscale Korean Eatery GAONNURI,” said New York Post

GAONNURI authentic Korean restaurant was featured in New York Post and described as the new Rainbow Room, an upscale restaurant on the 65th floor first opened in 1934 and closed in 2009.

“Gaonnuri more than satisfies our skyline-dining craving. It’s the year’s most unlikely new eatery by a mile: a Korean jumbo on the top 39th floor of a nondescript office building at K-Town’s western corner of Broadway and 32nd Street.”

“Gaonnuri’s magic is all through the glass. A neutral palette of white oak and pine isn’t atmospheric, but the setup affords fine views from almost every table, including from a raised central section ringed by a spacious bar and in booths around the bar’s curved perimeter.”


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The Authentic Korean Restaurant on the Top Floor