“A Massive Korean Restaurant in the Sky,” said Eater NY

Gaonnuri is a brand new Korean bar and restaurant located on the 39th floor of an office building in K-Town. The space is laid out so that each table has a view of the skyline. After a first visit, Post critic Steve Cuozzo remarked that the “Empire State Building seems close enough to touch.”

“Gaonnuri is the brainchild of architect-turned-restaurateur Andy Sung. Chef Tae Goo Kang’s menu features traditional Korean favorites like bibimbap and bossam, plus a wide selection of seafood and barbecue options (each table is equipped with a grill). During lunch, most entrees are $15, and the menu has a three-course prix fixe for $29. At dinner, the majority of the entrees are priced in the high teens and the mid-20s, and the restaurant also offers a $95 six-course tasting menu, which is reprinted below.”

“So, the food is slightly more expensive than what you’ll find at most Korean restaurants down on 32nd Street, but the obvious difference here is the view and the sleek, spacious interior. After an early dinner at Gaonnuri, NY Journal wrote: “The food was excellent, with high-quality ingredients, well prepared.” Steve Cuozzo also enjoyed the seafood hot pot he sampled on a first visit.”

“Gaonnuri opened about two and a half weeks ago. Check out the space above and below, and do send any early reports our way.”

The Authentic Korean Restaurant on the Top Floor