Gritty Koreatown Block Turns Hot with a Taste of Home

“Gritty Koreatown Block Turns Hot with a Taste of Home”

GAONNURI was featured in The New York Times. Koreatown, located on the 32nd street between 5th ave. and Broadway, is turning into Manhattan’s hot spot. As many businesses surge into the area, Koreatown is growing horizontally, yet GAONNURI “sets its sights higher rather than wider,” said The New York Times.

The New York Times spotlighted the emergence of Koreatown in New York City on Oct. 16, 2012, and GAONNURI was introduced as part of Korean businesses’ vertical expansion.

“Others, however, are setting their sights higher rather than wider. In late September, Andy Sung, a Korean-born contractor and first-time restaurateur, opened Gaonnuri, a sprawling 8,000-square-foot, 250-seat restaurant and lounge on the top floor of the 39-story 1250 Broadway — the same building where Ms. Kwak opened her restaurant three decades earlier.”

“Gaonnuri, a Korean word that translates to “center of the world,” embodies the loftier ambitions of an increasingly energized immigrant community. “This is the center of the center of the world,” proclaimed Mr. Sung, who said he had tried to lease the space for a restaurant 10 years earlier but was rebuffed by the building’s owner at the time, the SL Green Realty Corporation. But the restaurant’s $6 million build-out includes at least $2 million in tenant improvements contributed by the building’s current owner, a partnership between the German investment fund Jamestown Group and the local landlord Murray Hill Properties, which also manages the building.”


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