GAONNURI Featured in Chopsticks NY Magazine

GAONNURI was featured in Chopsticks NY, a Japanese publication. The following is the entire article excerpted from the magazine.


Sky High Taste of Korean Delicacies

“Gaonnuri, the newcomer Korean restaurant at the corner of K-town offers you jewels in NYC. Being at the top of a 39-story high-rise, this restaurant boasts a 270 degree, breathtakingly stunning bird’s-eye view of Manhattan. The quality of their food is as high as the building. “Our native Korean chef very much respects the traditional way of cooking while he is bold enough to redefine it with his acquired French technique,” says Jason Park, the restaurant’s manager.

Their simple yet quality menu includes all time favorites like Yukhoe, Seng Galbi, and Bibimbap. It changes from season to season sometimes featuring rare delicacies almost extinct even in Korea. “60% of our American customers have no clue what Korean food is but our trained wait staff will guide you kindly through a wonderful journey of dishes” says Park. The best method for first timers is to try some appetizers such as Bossam (sweet steamed pork) and Haemul Pajun (seafood pancake) in small portions (choice of small or large) then share their freshly marinated BBQ and end the meal with a rice or noodle dish.

The dining room, with 200+seats, is designed with a sleek, modern touch by the architect/owner Mr. Andy Sung. Gaonnuri is so popular that the Thu, Fri, Sat dinners are fully packed with New Yorkers craving the rare view and superb dishes. Gaonnuri in old Korean means “the center of the world,” appropriate for this new Korean location.”

The Authentic Korean Restaurant on the Top Floor