GAONNURI Featured in The New Yorker Magazine

GAONNURI Featured in The New Yorker MagazineThe Romantic yet Authentic Korean BBQ Restaurant with Sky Lounge View of Manhattan and Empire State Building from 39th floor in NYC

GAONNURI was proudly featured in The New Yorker, one of the most prominent magazines in the country.

“It’s not every night that you find yourself dining on the thirty-ninth floor of an office building near Penn Station, nor would you want to. But for the occasional escapist dinner experience there is no beating Gaonnuri, a vast lounge-style restaurant floating high over Thirty-second Street that serves quite tasty Korean fare and offers impressive views of Manhattan—though it doesn’t actually feel like it’s in Manhattan. Gaonnuri means “center of the world” in Korean, and indeed it seems to be located in a kind of alternate universe: not quite Tokyo, not quite Chicago, and certainly not quite Koreatown. The décor is modern and slick; the entryway has the ambience of a nice-enough boutique-hotel lobby. Inside the dining area itself, the skyline views are too distracting for the interior to matter much. The service is crisp and no-nonsense and features the prominent use of iPads. The food is, for the most part, traditional—as in traditional Americanized Korean cuisine—but, in its way, it is as transportive as the surroundings.”

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The Authentic Korean Restaurant on the Top Floor