GAONNURI Yuzu Parfait – Daily News Critics’ One of Top Restaurant Dishes for 2012

GAONNURI Featured in Daily News :: The Romantic yet Authentic Korean BBQ Restaurant with Sky Lounge View of Manhattan and Empire State Building from 39th floor in NYC

GAONNURI‘s Yuzu Parfait was selected as one of top restaurant dishes for 2012 by Daily News Critics!


“A pastry chef at a Korean restaurant? Ye! Sun Geum Kim’s sweet creations shine as brightly as the skyline view from the 39th floor windows. Her yuzu parfait ($12) pairs citrusy custard with a piquant green tea “biscuit,” candied black sesame, and green tea ice cream — all dusted with white chocolate powder. Architectural and almost austere, it tingles with tastes and textures.”

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The Authentic Korean Restaurant on the Top Floor